Teaching your teen to drive – Use a lesson plan to make the most of practice


Calgary, Canada (April 19, 2021)… Spring is here and with it comes thousands of teens excited to learn to drive. For these teenagers, gaining experience before obtaining their license is key. Studies show1 that having a variety of experiences on the road is integral to building a new driver’s skills. A lot of pressure is put on parents and guardians to create new learning opportunities as they provide practice sessions for their teens, but with so much at stake, where do they begin?

A recent survey by driver training company Fleet Safety International found that most Canadian parents plan to be involved in teaching their teenager to drive, with over half saying they would help teach their teen two to three times per week. However, many aren’t sure they have strong enough knowledge of current driving laws, nor do they feel confident in teaching. In order to facilitate this learning process, the team at Fleet Safety International developed a unique online driver training program for parents: Teach Your Teen to Drive.

Now available in all provinces excluding Alberta and Ontario, Teach Your Teen to Drive is an online defensive driving toolkit for parents and guardians as they guide their teenager through the new driver experience. This online course compiles the most up-to-date rules of the road and driving techniques into 19 modules for real-world driving opportunities. The modules include relevant topics for young Canadian drivers, such as “Driving for the First Time”, “Winter Driving”, and “Freeways and Highways”.

According to Dr. Randy Flemmer, Fleet Safety International’s president, there are additional perks to providing a positive teaching experience for your teenage driver: “Approached with the right process, attitude, and expectations, teaching your teen how to drive can lead to a great learning experience for both you and your teen. Teaching your teen how to drive can also be a great way to connect with your teenager on a level you may not have before.”

Parents and guardians in Canada want their teenage drivers to learn life-long safe driving skills. Knowing the rules of the road and using a well-crafted lesson plan will create the best experiences and can even help strengthen relationships between teens and their parents. For more information about the course, visit teachyourteentodrive.ca.


1 https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0001457517302282

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