3 Reasons Why Manual Driving Lessons Can Benefit Your Teen!

Manual Driving Lessons

Driving a stick shift can seem challenging for your teen, especially when learning to drive automatic cars has been popularised and accepted as a trend. However, manual driving lessons are not without their benefits, and if you have a teen who is about to embark on their driving journey, there are plenty of reasons why you must teach your teen to drive a manual car.

1) Manual Driving Lessons Are Great for Getting in Touch with the Car and Developing a Sound Understanding of How Cars Work

Manual driving lessons are a great way to gain a deeper knowledge about the various moving parts, gears and electronics and develop a sound understanding of how cars work. Manual driving lessons are an excellent way for any teen driver to learn about the vehicle, its parts, and its operation. Learning to drive a manual car allows your teen to learn how to control their vehicle instead of relying on the car to do so, thus turning them into confident drivers. 

2) Manual Driving Requires Drivers to Pay More Attention, Thus Promoting Safety

As a manual driver, your teen will learn to pay more attention to the speed of the vehicles, road grade and general road conditions, making them a better driver. A manual mindset is a great way to learn how to drive, as it teaches you to focus on the road and not your car. Driving a manual vehicle helps you to observe what’s happening on the road in front to think and plan ahead so that you are more aware of the vehicle’s road speed versus engine speed (an essential part of manual driving) and what you are approaching, whether it’s an intersection or a roundabout.

When you give your teens manual driving lessons, you are training them to be involved drivers who are aware of their surroundings while understanding the relevance of avoiding distractions like cell phones and loud music that may interfere with their driving. Manual driving lessons, therefore, promote overall safety. 

3) Manual Driving Is a Lifelong Skill That Allows Your Teen to Drive a Vast Majority of Cars

Drivers who know how to maneuver stick-shift vehicles can drive the vast majority of cars, trucks, and high-end vehicles worldwide. According to statistics, nearly 80 percent of the cars sold in European and Asian countries have manual transmissions. Manual drivers, therefore, can drive wherever they go. They can easily pick and drive a rental car in other parts of the world or wherever their travels take them and rely on a road trip without hassle. 


Manual driving is a skill that your teen can use again and again. It’s fun and will make your teen feel like they have the upper hand in this situation—something they’re not used to feel when it comes to driving. Your manual driving lessons will help them learn how to navigate through traffic and stop safely at an intersection or stop sign.

As a responsible parent, your job is to ensure your teen’s safety as they learn to drive. You can do that by being present and more involved in their driving and helping them to learn safe and good habits that will serve them lifelong. 

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