3 Ways To Prepare For Your Teens For Winter Driving

Winter Driving

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably spent the last few months trying to get your teen ready for a summer road trip, but soon the weather will turn, and we will be thrown into full-blaze winters. It’s time to be prepared for winter driving. If you have a teen at home who is a new driver, it’s your responsibility to prepare them for the trickiest time behind the wheel. Here is how you can help them prepare for what’s to come, but more importantly, how to ensure their safety.

1) Practice Driving In A Safe Environment

With winter driving, it’s essential to have a safe environment and vehicle. You can practice driving on the road in a controlled environment, so your child gets used to all of the potential hazards that come with it. With you by their side, you can help them practice in an empty parking lot with a steady traffic flow before your teen starts practicing on the actual roads. When practicing, follow the rules of the road and drive safely. Avoid speeding or stopping abruptly; otherwise, you’ll be putting yourself at risk of losing control of your vehicle when driving in icy conditions or snowfall!

2) Encourage Your Kids To Take An Online Winter Driving Course

A driving course is a great way to prepare your teens for winter driving. It’s also an excellent way for parents and teens to spend time together and was something that I did with my son when he was learning to drive.

Online courses are easy to complete because they’re typically broken up into short modules that can be completed at any time and place you choose. They can watch the video while eating lunch at school or take it on their own time during summer vacation!

Another advantage of online courses is that there is no pressure. If your teen struggles with one lesson or another, there’s no need for them to feel embarrassed or ashamed because it won’t affect their grade; all they need do is try again later on if necessary. Alternatively, if you are their primary driving instructor, you must ensure they get the proper practice and experience. Perhaps, you could do a course that will equip you with all the information regarding safe driving habits that comply with current road rules. A course that takes the guesswork out and is based on robust research using unique strategies and techniques developed for parents who want to create and enhance their teen’s attitude and lifelong driving habits.

3) Practice The Importance Of Consistent Vehicle Maintenance

Teaching your teen the relevance of vehicle maintenance goes a long way, especially during winter. Ensuring the car is in order includes regular tire check-ups where they are inflated and has enough tread depth. As a new driver, checking that car breaks are in optimal condition is essential. And similar checks are necessary when it comes to the windshield wipers, which are integral during winter driving. Finally, as a parent and as a seasoned driver, it falls on you to remind your teen that during cold weather, it’s crucial for safety reasons (not just longevity) that you keep up with fluid levels in your engine, like oil and antifreeze/coolant/radiator fluid. And neglecting any of the above could result in severe consequences down the road.


The first step in preparing your teen for their first winter driving experience is making sure they know what they’re doing. As parents keeping our kids safe and out of harm’s way is a priority, especially when they reach the driving age and are raring to go! We want them to be prepared for kinds of emergencies and be able to handle themselves if anything happens. With these tips, you can help your teens become safer drivers while learning how to drive during winter.

Of course, teaching them the road rules on a warm summer day may seem like a good idea. But it’s equally vital that you get them used to driving in snowy conditions as soon as possible. An ideal way to achieve that is by practicing during the summer and then again when there’s snow on the ground, if possible. If that isn’t an option, taking an online course can also help prepare them for winter driving!

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